100DaysOfArchitecture (Day 2)

Sumeet Sumeet Follow May 15, 2019 · 3 mins read
100DaysOfArchitecture (Day 2)
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Alright, yes I had to do this and it started yesterday. If you pay attention to this post, you may even find it ironic.

Following the hashtag #100daysofcode and looking at what I currently do, I thought to myself - did I miss those days? Obviously not. But then why did I choose #100daysofarchitecture? Because, the earlier one had too many hashers and had become cliché. Therefore, in the interest of originality and relevance, I have started of with #100daysofarchitecture challenge.

What is this challenge all about anyway? Well, it basically means that you do some part of what you claim to do in your hashtag each and every day - for 100 days at least. So in case of code you code something everyday for 100 days straight. People usually set a target and keep updating what they did on a particular day on social media. Well, you are obviously not obliged to share. I think, the intention here is to do something good for your self - may be learn a new language or get better at it, may be accomplish a task in those 100 days?

In my case, there are a whole lot of things that I am currently doing which deals a lot with software architecture and because of that, I think it would be easy for me to take and complete this challenge. In fact, had I started 200 days before from today, I am sure I would have completed it twice.

So what’s on my agenda? Well a lot of things which stretch beyond these 100 days - since it’s my job (and i love it) you will find me doing it for a long time from now till people find me eligible for bigger responsibilities. I plan to do below:-

  1. Get certified for an architecture framework
  2. Work on a concept of Data Privacy
  3. Brush up my concepts of networking for practical usage
  4. Explore OS development - Linux
  5. Explore DevOps and Cloud Orchestration tools from architectural perspective
  6. Learn more architecture frameworks to compare with #1
  7. Do more relevant tool/platform based certifications

Well, all these topics are enough to keep me running through entire 2019 (considering I have some commitments to the project work as well :)). Some of these items are from any engineering syllabus, and I can only wish I had a firm grip on these topics since then. But now is the time when I realise the importance of these subjects like never before. Architecture is all about going deep into the roots of technology for better understanding and not getting into the fancy flow of latest so-called-innovations. True innovations happen at the root level - everything else is just a buzzword.

What should you expect? Ideally, nothing - cause, exceptions tend to disappointment. I will try to post my daily tasks everyday on Instagram - but I don’t promise the same. Of course, you won’t find frequent blogs on this topic as well - and I am not going to care about setting any SLA/KPI for this. Tip: Keep an eye on #100daysofarchitecture. May be you will have some insight on what I do in my day-to-day professional life.

I know this hashtag is being used by people belonging to civil architecture. Still.

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Written by Sumeet Follow
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