RE Himalayan - 10,000 kms

So, it’s been 8 months since I have owned this bike and I just completed riding 10,000 kms last weekend.

The bike is performing absolutely great, as if it is brand new. Riding this one is my pleasure in a way that every day the first thing I am thankful to is this bike. These 10k kilometers consists of the following:

  1. 1 long ride - Pune - Gokarna - Goa - Pune where it clocked around 1,300 kms.
  2. About 2 dozen trips between Mumbai and Pune - roughly 150 kms per trip.
  3. Intracity rides (Pune and Mumbai) which can roughly be averaged to 50 kms per ride. I don’t remember the count.
  4. Daily office commute for ~ 6 months, every business day - daily 18 kms. I know the bike is 8 months old, but initially I used to ride my older bike (Bajaj Avenger) twice a week.

It has been a long way and I am confident that it will go much longer than expected. The sweet spot of this bike is at 90 kmph at about 4200 rpm. Bike offers great control and comfort with amazing ground clearance. No cons yet.

Oh and yes, there are some upgrades which are done as well.

  1. Leg/Engine guard
  2. Trekadventures Front Empoachers
  3. Rynox Saddle bags
  4. Baggage King Tank bag
  5. Mobile Charger


  1. Extra head lights / fog lamps
  2. Saddle stay - yes, no saddle stay yet.

Any suggestions?