About me

Hi! My name is Sumeet, and I love technology.

Over the last 10 years, I have seen and done a lot of technology projects in the role of a developer, architect and at times business consultant as well. I have travelled across the globe and worked with multiple technologies for technical and business workshops to direct organisations in right way in their digital transformation projects. Having developed a niche in a few technology areas, I now call myself a technology generalist - looking at enterprise perspective but not limited to it. I tinker with technology and tools from across domains, which gives me limitless freedom to gain more knowledge and experience.

My current Expertise

  1. Cloud (4 years)
  2. ServiceNow (9 years)
  3. DevOps (2 years)
  4. MEAN Stack (4 years)

What do I do?

Product architect during the day, technology tinkerer at night. Well, that’s not all -

  1. I explore and learn new tools and technologies
  2. I implement them in my personal projects
  3. I write about my experiences on this blog
  4. I offer free consultation (with limits) and contribute to other projects
  5. I offer advice to newcomers in tech
  6. I do reviews, analysis and comparison

What can I do for you?

We can discuss life. But hey, apart from that -

  1. I can offer an extra pair of eyes for your technology problems
  2. I help to deconstruct your complex scenarios into smaller manageable chunks
  3. I can get on call with you to talk about anything tech
  4. I organise and speak at your events
  5. I can do a review for your tool of choice
  6. I can explore and analyse a particular technology on your request
  7. I provide unbiased views and opinions in my blog
  8. I can help you get along any specific technology

Well, the possibilities are limitless, if you would like to collaborate with me - do get in touch!

My Credentials

  • ServiceNow CSA
  • ServiceNow CIS (ITSM)
  • ServiceNow CAD
  • TOGAF 9.2 Certified
  • ServiceNow Dev MVP 2020

My beliefs

Anyone can learn technology. Technology is such a field where you don’t really need a college degree to gain current skillset. I am open to guide anyone who is looking to crack into this domain but do not have enough resources or direction. I have done this in the past and it boils down to the way you look at things. In a way there is nothing you can do, but otherwise there are so many things which can be done. Send me a message, and I will be happy to get back to you as soon as possible.