Hi, I am Sumeet!

Welcome, to my corner of the world.

Be ensured that the information shared on this site is about me, complete, and published by me. Much self love!?

Travel, music, and code - has been the theme for this lifetime. Those are the things I truly enjoy and here, I share some of the snippets with the world. The blogs published here encompass all the three categories, plus more. So if you are here in search of a specific thing, please don’t be overwhelmed.

I have categorized everything carefully for easy navigation and relevance. If you still find it difficult to navigate, please feel free to reach out using multiple ways already mentioned all over here (no promises). A few words about the theme follow, however, confining them to single words is totally unjust. Being a man of few words (spoken), this works for me.


16 countries. 37 cities.

I have been thankful to have been able to travel either for leisure or business to multiple countries and cities within. I have written blog posts - some pre-dated and pertaining to the travels I have had. I try to be as descripting as possible, however, each of these blog posts do contain the information about the base location, and target city of travel. This year, I plan to cover 3 more countries. I am from India, currently living in Germany. Please note that I am not a “travel blogger”, just a traveller.


Metal. Trance. Techno. Basically anything that I can hear, but those few relate to my work.

If there is one thing that has stayed with me, and will stay forever, in all my emotions and moods, phases and pitches, then that thing is music. I learnt drums in 2007, and I play(ed) for a few metal bands. I was most active during 2011 - 2015. In the years which followed, life happened, but the connection with music only grew stronger. I began learning in 2021 and producing Psytrance in late 2022. More will follow this year.


A career in tech. Talk to me about anything.

For many years, tech career was my main support. Technically, I spent majority of my time in the last 12 years as a developer, consultant, and an architect. The position does not matter today. I know what I am capable of, and I do NOT feel the desire to express it to anyone. Tech is something I have expertise in, and I use it as a tool to do “my stuff”. May be, you will find more information in the “Let’s Do Tech” section.

That was an overview, if you have more questions, feel free to reach out.

PS: If you know me and if we are talking after 2022 and after atleast a couple of years, chances are you will only recognize me by the physical appearance.