IOT Protocols for CI monitoring (Contd.)

Sumeet Sumeet Follow May 04, 2019 · 3 mins read
IOT Protocols for CI monitoring (Contd.)
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As promised in my previous post here, where I described an approach for self-discovery and event monitoring of cloud CIs’ based on IOT protocols like AMQP and MQTT; in this post, I will be sharing insights on possibilities which might be applicable in any business architecture.

First of all, I have been able to do an end-to-end POC for the concept. Feel free to get in touch with me in case you need help in any aspect. I have to say, I did share this amazing feeling of achievement while doing it.

Having the servers provisioned and having set up the Discovery and Event monitoring in a short span of time, I think below two candidates are the most worthy of exploring, going ahead.

1. Smooth DevOps transition

As a step ahead, we would go ahead to develop a mechanism on the platform (in our case ServiceNow) where user (customer) requested the provisioning of virtual machines - to do a smooth transition into Agile sprints, or any development methodology of their choice. As a customer, anybody would like to get their development cycles started ASAP post migration phase. That would mean, in the second phase we would give an interface to the customers to select the technology stack they want to develop their applications on, and we would do the environment setup on the target boxes. This would essentially mean that the back end would set up the:

  1. Runtime environment along with the scaffolding required for the project/application.
  2. In case of outsourced on-prem solutions, get them installed and wherever possible, get the system as much as possible to the state of readiness of development.
  3. In case of migrations, get the repository cloned with the desired version of source code. I know all may sound like a huge task, but we need to get started on this someday.

2. Common IOT Broker

Considering the fact that the setup required to implement this concept is pretty flexible, meaning, apart from ServiceNow and Clouds - everything can either be on same system or on different systems depending on internal processing requirements of an organisation; and the fact that we are using MQTT/AMQP brokers for self discovery and event management - we can consider extending the use for IOT devices. This way along with efficient channel management of broker, there is a possibility to explore the IOT domain of field sensors and actors using the same set of infrastructure. All IOT experts can think about this and let me know what do you think.

There are so many other things which can be changed for good using this concept and we have just started.

Team: Aniket, Subodh, Madhuri, Nachiket, Sanchita

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