OS Dev

So lately I have been working on an idea which revolves around operating systems development. When I started to delve more into this, it was clear that I have completely lost touch with assembly language and C/C++ programming. The last time I did this was more than 10 years back. I have been dealing with higher level languanges for quite some time with respect to web development/technology. I think its time to move back to the ‘root’s. The importance of C/C++ was never underestimated, but with advent of technology the world wanted to ramp up development efforts quicker, and this caused invention of new layers of high level languages. These high level languages today, need to be compiled/transpiled several times before it was coverted into something that and baremetal can understand i.e. binaries. We have reached a point where there are too many languanges and frameworks to work with and somewhere we have a feeling of compromising on the system performance. There is no question about how performance matters and who else other than large organisations which depend on huge data centers to run their businesses, know it. I think world not needs to slow down and glide a bit deeper towards the hardware. With the start of WASM (Web Assembly), I think they have already taken a step in that direction.