Detailed plan for Simple Apps [DPSA]

I would like to write a series of posts elaborating certain steps that I take to plan out simple web application development in its very initial stages. The lifecycle of a web application development process includes many important architectural design decisions. I have been a solo MEAN stack developer, or have been part of at max 3 at certain point in time since 3 years now, and have mostly invested my time in developing web applications for my own use. I normally also consult and contribute to the design decisions for web apps which are being created and are in nascent stages of development. This series of posts is an attempt to document my personalised way of starting off from scratch to building a working web application.

Below, I list the topics which need planning when considering to develop a generic web application. There will be a lot of detours required, but I shall try to limit myself and not include those points which are not required when writing about a general web app development process when I dig through them in detail. At the time of writing this, my idea is that on each of the below point I would write detailed posts which entails the decision points, framework discussions, suggestions and similar other aspects. Please remember, this is purely based on my experience and is subject to correction.

  1. Ideation - process of brainstorming the ideas on whiteboard
  2. Layering - once you know what you want, how do you want to do it
  3. Backend - Database
  4. Backend - Business logic
  5. Middlewares - if required
  6. Frontend - framework
  7. Frontend - UX
  8. Deployment plan
  9. Environment - Dev, Test, Prod
  10. Versioning
  11. Go live
  12. Post Go live roll outs
  13. Wiki/User guides

PS: This is WIP series.