DPSA - Ideation


Probably the most important and crucial phase to take before investing any efforts into developing any web application. This brainstorming session is nothing but numerous attempts to kill the idea itself.

No army can withstand the strength of an idea whose time has come.
- Victor Hugo

So basically, you don’t develop a web application aimlessly. Developing and deploying a web application is not an easy task that you would want to do it like just another walk in the park. Even if you are a ‘coder at heart’ and your intensions aren’t bad and you won’t regret spending time working on something that is a fail in its roots, i still think, before investing huge amount of your valueable time into it please have a aim which makes some sense atleast. Well not everyone is so generous with respect to their time especially today, when people tend to plan every minute of their’s.

Once you know what you want to do, think over it again and again. Let your mind and brain digest those thoughts, keep thinking about it in your free time, when you are relaxed, when your brain is ready to probe into the idea without anybody’s or anything’s influence. Yes, let the idea take breath in your mind in such a way that the obvious possibilities weed themselves off. Don’t be desperate in thinking about it. Let it come naturally.

Once you make peace with your idea, next step would be to jot down the problems your efforts would address and resolve. How are those problems going to be addressed? What is missing in today’s world that your creation will be irreplacable? or replace something already existing? and why would it replace it? Write everything down on a paper or board. Think over it again and again, give some kind of an imaginary shape to it. Think more about it, come back with improvements, come back with more definitions, put in more words do describe it. Document your idea in some form, may it be a powerpoint slide or just a visio diagram, document it, it is very important.

Importance of documentation comes into play when you start expressing your idea to others. Even if you are doing something only for yourself by yourself, when you have gone much ahead in your development phase, documenting your thoughts can help you stick to the directions and decisions you have made while you were conceptualizing your idea, i.e. now.

Think about trusted set of people whom you would want to share this and get a healthy feedback. By trusted I don’t mean any one whom you trust. The person should be able to understand the language you speak. May be someone who is already into tech field, or who is into entrepreneurship - basically knowledgeable people who can guide you with unbiased opinions on how well your app would fare when it is ready. Understand each and every word the talk about your app, get an idea of how your idea is being percieved by experts in the industry. Let them criticise it right now as much as they can, prepare answers for their criticism.

After all this, if you still think its worth continuing to work on your idea, then slowly start converting your thoughts into architecture diagrams. This discussion would continue in next topic. :)