Q4-2018 Pune NOW Dev Meetup

Want to take a moment to thank each and every one who turned up for the event, I hope you guys did find it exciting and contributing to your ServiceNow knowledge base and thank you so much again for all the valuable questions. I would specially like to thank all the speakers for presenting such an engaging and happening content - all the demos were well crafted and executed. It was a perfect blend of technicalities and real world demo given the time slot. I could sense that the audience were actually connecting to the use cases you guys presented. A huge thank you to the Globant team who let us do this event in their premises - the arrangement was really hassle free and just what was expected. It gave the perfect platform for the event and execution of the same was great. It’s because of you guys we could make it at this scale.

It’s December 2018 - where we need to realise the developers are slowly transitioning to be ‘composers’ - just like music composers. Apologies for however bad this analogy may sound to you - I still, would jot this down. Yesterday, there were sessions where Alexa, Google Home and IBM Watson were mentioned and the use cases were based out of them. There was a lot of ‘automation’ vibe to the event. Let us take a moment to realise where we stand in the process of developer evolution. Strictly talking within ServiceNow - starting with London we have Virtual Agent which helps us resolve our issues just by chatting to a bot! How amazing is that! It took me back in K18, where a beautiful use case connecting various new features of NOW platform was presented. There is something called as Flow Designer which helps us design workflow - it is not as technical as traditional NOW workflows, but the intention here is to ease the development time for the same. There is another thing called Integration Hub which was introduced a couple of releases back which helps smooth easy integrations with 3rd party tools. The use case in K18 connected Virtual Agent, Flow Designer and Integration Hub to resolve various L1 and L2 issues. If you think about it - that is so much of the power! I call VA, FD, IH and similar things as symphonies and developers - musicians who use these symphonies to create great songs, i.e. process implementation - or whatever you may want to call it, I think you got the point.

Request you to please share the feedback for the event wherever you wish to - meetup page, message me, email me, just try to send your feedback message across and I shall try to incorporate the same in upcoming event which would happen in next quarter. I would also request you to please participate as a speaker as it gives a great exposure and only has huge benefits with no loss. Thank you once again and see you next year.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!