Now Dev MVP 2020

Sumeet Sumeet Follow Jan 26, 2020 · 2 mins read
Now Dev MVP 2020
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Earlier this month ServiceNow Developer program recognised me as MVP for 2020. It feels great to be part of this elite group. We had an introductory call and I have to ask one question to myself - am I really that worth? I would not want the answer to this question to be a simple binary (yes/no). Instead, a better way to answer this would be to be worth enough if not.

Although, that defines my intent - I really have some exciting content to share with all especially with Orlando release. We have some time to discuss the same, in the meanwhile for the sake of this post, let me limit myself to shed some light on my relationship with ServiceNow.

I have worked on ServiceNow platform right after my graduation that is since it’s Aspen release. Yes - it’s been 9 years I am thrilled by this platform. Just to put that in perspective - none of my relationships have lasted for more than those number of months (count last 3 in resentment). I have pretty much built the base of my career on this platform. To be honest, there are times when I get sick of seeing the “Admin Homepage” every time I log in - but one can just not ignore the capability this platform has to offer and how it helps Enterprises to radically achieve digital transformations.

I have worked as partner, customer, with ServiceNow PS folks all around the world. During 2013-15 I was active on ServiceNow community - addressing the questions of fellow developers, asking more questions and getting feedback. I have had the opportunity to host ServiceNow meetups for Mumbai and Pune chapters for last 3 years. In all the organisations I have worked with I have been a mentor to fellow developers and helped them (at least I tried to help :P). Worked with cross tech teams to leverage the platform’s function to align with requirements.

I am an ardent believer of giving back to the world. By playing an active role as mentioned above, I think that would be the best way to give back to ServiceNow Dev community for whoever is in my shoes.

Now talking about what this Developer MVP is all about - please visit below developer blog.

Also, folks at Nelson Frank were kind enough to mention all of us in their blog post - do read their view here.

Stay tuned for upcoming content. :)

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