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Docker - Networking

Containerization of applications gives a certain peace of mind to everyone. It’s great - the way applications can be wrapped into platform-agnostic containers which run on any system....

In DevOps, Jul 06, 2020

Docker - Logging and Metrics

Logging vs MetricsThose who are into operations or even those who are involved in any kind of debugging an application, they know the importance of monitoring and event management. Mo...

In DevOps, Jul 02, 2020

How does Docker work?

As a continuation to the previous post where we talked about Containers, here we shall take a look at how Docker works internally, it’s architecture, Docker objects and Dockerization ...

In DevOps, Jun 18, 2020


Doing this quick post to introduce Containers (Specifically Docker containers) in my current ecosystem.

In DevOps, Jun 10, 2020

Steps to adopt DevOps

In recent times, the technology has come a long way and it is advancing at a rate which is out of bounds for a single human to comprehend all at once. DevOps has played a huge role in...

In DevOps, Jun 05, 2020

Python Internals (P3) - Setting free

Frames, scope, objects and set free

In Code, Feb 26, 2020

Python Internals (P2) - Example Walk through

Example walk through

In Code, Feb 24, 2020

Python Internals (P1) - Intro and Installation

Intro and Installation

In Code, Feb 22, 2020

Recipe - Multiple Domains - Single IP

I get many questions about hosting multiple domains with their own web applications on single static IP. This post describes how to do the same using specific tools. In fact this is w...

In Architecture, Feb 20, 2020

Extension points

Have you ever come across a situation where you wished to make tiny bit changes to the OOTB/original code base so that it would address your million dollar story? And then you actuall...

In Code, Jan 30, 2020