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Now Dev MVP 2020

Earlier this month ServiceNow Developer program recognised me as MVP for 2020. It feels great to be part of this elite group. We had an introductory call and I have to ask one questio...

In Tools, Jan 26, 2020

Useful Links (6th Jul 20)

Docker: - Contains further links to Docker reference architectures, solution guides, trainings and certification.

In Quick Links, Jan 01, 2020

It's a Principle

Don’t disrespect the principle, regardless of how small they seem.

In Architecture, Aug 23, 2019

Data Architecture Considerations

Organisations transform, and talking about digital transformation - data becomes one of the core aspect of management. In today’s world, data is of prime importance. Even when simple ...

In Architecture, Jul 21, 2019

Network Change Management and Company's growth

“Networking is an investment in your business. It takes time and when done correctly can yield great results for years to come.” – Diane Helbig

In Architecture, Jul 07, 2019


I am 3 weeks in, while working on Splunk and this post is to gather my thoughts about the experience in learning and using this tool so far.

In Tools, Jul 04, 2019

TOGAF 9 Exam Preparation

This morning, I was able to pass TOGAF 9 L1 and L2 exam and I think it would be wise to jot down my experience just in case if it helps other aspiring doers. No, this post will not co...

In Architecture, Jun 05, 2019

100DaysOfArchitecture (Day 2)

Alright, yes I had to do this and it started yesterday. If you pay attention to this post, you may even find it ironic.

In Architecture, May 15, 2019

IOT Protocols for CI monitoring (Contd.)

As promised in my previous post here, where I described an approach for self-discovery and event monitoring of cloud CIs’ based on IOT protocols like AMQP and MQTT; in this post, I wi...

In Architecture, May 04, 2019

IOT Protocols for CI monitoring

I have been wanting to work on this idea about using IOT protocols like MQTT/AMQP for CI event monitoring and self discovery mainly because of it’s beautiful pubsub and lightweight na...

In Architecture, Apr 18, 2019