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Integrating NOW with Terraform

I was able to do some more work with Terraform.IO and I worked on exploring the options to use it along with ServiceNow for cloud orchestration. This could be the continuation of the ...

In Tools, Mar 30, 2019


Talking about cloud orchestrators, that too open source - there seems to be only one dominating name in the market - Terraform.IO

In Tools, Mar 29, 2019


As an architect, you often come across situations where you pause and say - oh this could have been done in that way. In the previous statement, words ‘this’, ‘that’ and ‘situations’ ...

In Architecture, Mar 24, 2019

Monolithic and Microkernel

This keeps on getting interesting. One of the first topics of discussion or debate you come across when you start your journey towards os development is whether you should go the mono...

In Architecture, Nov 08, 2018

OS Dev

So lately I have been working on an idea which revolves around operating systems development. When I started to delve more into this, it was clear that I have completely lost touch wi...

In Architecture, Nov 05, 2018

Design Principles

Below are some object oriented design principles which I usually tend to follow in my day to day development tasks. I have learnt a great deal of design principles and patterns from o...

In Code, Oct 12, 2018

Code base management

Anxiety around huge code bases may become old, but management of these huge code bases can never become old. There are so many approaches, patterns, school of thoughts defined around ...

In Code, Aug 24, 2018

Hello World

This is my very first blog on this site.

In May 01, 2018