Happy Diwali 🪔

First off

A very happy and prosperous Diwali to all! Undoubtedly my favourite festival that has so many childhood memories attached to it. This year, I am celebrating it here in Germany and I do feel a bit sad about not being able to be there with my family in this week.

But that’s that, and I will keep it to it for now.

New beginning

In another universe I have been a bit late to the party. Before COVID, I used to travel a lot and I now miss that. Although the restrictions have phased out slowly over the period of last 8 - 10 months, I just could not make up a decision to pack my bags and leave.

I am starting to travel soon, mostly solo throughout Europe since I am based here currently. So you may find some updates here about it.

Other than that, I also plan to share my thoughts and lessons in a very crude manner. Well, crude is a word I used to make me sound a bit “cool” (if you thought it did). The real reason is I have other stuff to do as well 😂. So I will keep it short and unpolished here.

Coming up

In the next few weeks, I will spend some time recollecting my time in previous travel adventures and jot them down on this blog. You would find the “Traveline” section is being populated right from 2014.

Why 2014? because that is when I started travelling frequently and internationally. There are so many learnings and realisations. I randomly remember them and have always had a regret of not doing enough to jot them down. So here it will be, and will continue for the future.

No subscription

I do not expect people to subscribe and follow. This blog is just a place where I be myself. If you think we could vibe, then feel free to send a hi 5.

I guess that is it for now.


I have no fucks to give. You have been warned.

Lol, more on this in future posts.

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