A good start is important

So whenever I have to write a solid blog post, I always struggle with getting started. There are so many things to consider, but in short, I worry about the best way to convey a point I am trying to make in a given blog post. This is not a case with this blog though, as this is a personal blog and I just scribble anything that comes to my mind and publish it without much editorial consideration.

However, a good blog post always demands a good storyline. For me, every blog post is like a movie with a good storyline. Story line helps build the context at the beginning, introduces concepts in a particular sequence which is most helpful for the reader, builds the flow in such a way that makes the reader curious till they get the point, and end it with a dessert with which they don’t get disappointed having spent time on reading the entire article.

As writers, we need to give consideration to those 10 - 12 minutes of time which the reader chooses to read our stuff. Reading is increasingly becoming a rare phenomenon now a days given various formats available for the information consumer. But there are certain things which can be achieved only via reading. No YouTube video is going to capture that magic.

Anyway, for me personally, to write a blog post, a right start is really, really, reaaallllyyy important. I spend most of my time just to have a right start. Once I get that confidence, the rest of the topic just flows automatically. But the struggle is the most in the start of the article. More on this later..

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