Nov '22 just got busy

We are almost 9 days down in November. At the beginning of this month, things seemed to be pretty normal apart from one upcoming trip to Spain. Infact, the trigger point of resuming the blog on this domain is that upcoming trip. Stay tuned to my Instagram to know more on this.

Just after the Spain trip ends, I have got another one lined up just after few days. And that will be for around 2 weeks. I plan to be completely off work then. Additionally, I was supposed to change the place where I currently live, by the end of November. Now since I have this upcoming trip, I got to expedite that process as well. After exchanging a few words with my landlord, it seems they will be able to handover the keys to the new apartment just a day before I leave. This shift is important so I do not want to waste any more time and atleast shift the stuff there before I leave on the long vacay.

So, in order to make this shift happen, I also have to clean up my current space with the best of my abilities, so thats the job for the weekend. Additionally, I did plan to write more blogs than usual in this month so that is pending as well. I have to write in all 4 commercial blogs. If you did not know I do write on tech topics, here is the link.

I also have other semi-commercial semi-social meetups planned before all of this happens. Hmm.. let’s see how does it go.

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