Giving importance is sometimes overrated

Ever wondered about problems people faced, but you never paid any heed to them, and thus they did not bother you ever, and now there is no chance of them bothering you back?

Sometimes we give unnecessary importance to things. There is an unwanted obsession about things, because of which we have to deal with stuff and have a hard time overcoming that obstacle.

Life is about moving on. You keep moving, people around you keep moving. That is a natural tendency. However, when we get stuck into something we feel frustrated. A part of the frustration is due to the fact that we made something a big deal, something that should not have been a big deal in the first place.

Some problems seem small when we first encounter them. But then we think it is better to deal with it today, so that it does not grow into a monster in the future. We take pro active actions towards them. But in reality, these problems may have the potential to grow, but sometimes just being consciously aware of them is enough. Do it on the way - this attitude is enough.

When we deal with such problems head on, we are kind of inviting a trouble which was not intending to come our way. So sometimes it is important to be aware and just chill.

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