Wu wei

Wu wei.

When I came across the meaning of this word, I resonated with it the next moment. Wu wei is an art of not forcing anything. The results caused because of your efforts, are not always attributed 100% back to your efforts. There is always an element of.. luck if you may say. Whatever you want to call it, something additional always influences everything. It brings a degree of uncertainty which may have negligible to drastic effects on the results.

At this time in my life, I am in this state of Wu Wei, of not forcing anything. It is like - do what you are supposed to do, or what you feel like doing, with some efforts. But don’t force anything. If things have to turn up, they will. Or else, they were not meant to be done today, or they are not meant for you at all. Try to give it another chance in some other season or some other day. But don’t force it.

I am not sure if this resonated with you, or I am missing something in explaining the Wu Wei. In any case, I am definitely not forcing anything.

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