The real meaning of being happy for others

There is one thing to be happy for other’s happiness as advised by the elders. And then there is another thing to be genuinely happy about it.

As we grow, we encounter so many emotions - both positive and negative - and we encounter so many phases - high and low, that we tend to develop a nice ego for ourselves. Today, I would not call that “growing”. Growing is not about establishing our perspective related to things, proving our point of view about situations, or the desire/compulsion to add the element of “I”, the ego, to everything we come across.

In our lives, there are number of moments where our friends thrive which gives them personal happiness. We pretend to be happy about it. But a lot of times we also feel an ounce of jealousy. In that state, we either talk and cry about it, or take actions to achieve the same kind of happiness. I mean, what’s the point of this? This is not what we call being “genuinely” happy for others.

When you really grow, you become genuinely happy and not try to compete, take any actions, or feel anything negative about it. If some of us are going through this, then I would like to tell them that their ego is responsible for such feelings. Just give those feelings up, and just embrace the rays of happiness someone exudes when they become happy without any other emotions. Then it could be anyone - friends, family, random stranger, anyone. When we feel that kind of happiness in others, that’s pure happiness.

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