Seville - Spain

Base location: Frankfurt, Germany

Today is technically my 2nd day here in Seville. I landed here last evening.

This is the first Spanish city I have ever visited, and I quite like it. I mean, firstly, I have resumed my travels after almost 3 years. 2 years of owed by the pandemic. So this is a much welcomed change.

Seville is a beautiful city. There are a few spots which are worth checking out. In my opinion, 2 days are enough to absorb the city. Although, if you are well aware of the History of this place, then you may need much more time. I mean that goes for any place on the planet.

Note: I am not a travel blogger, so please don’t expect me to write lengthy articles with detailed info. I will share what I feel like in details.

I chose to stay in a hostel here, to build some connections. But honestly, no luck yet. lol. Although, people here are more friendly as compared to Germany. So many people know are willing to speak English, and don’t shy away from it. The hostel experience was good too. I followed the internet recommendations and went ahead. Search: Black Swan Hostel. Nice ambience. Work-friendly. I am writing this post from there.

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