Seville - Barcelona - Change of plans

Base location: Frankfurt, Germany

After spending a nice 1.5 days in Seville, as per the plan it was time for me to travel to Barcelona today with an early morning Vueling flight at 6:45 am. I was supposed to reach Barcelona at 8:30 am. After this my return flight from Barcelona to Frankfurt was at around 7:45 pm. So I had an entire day to spend in Barcelona where I COULD have done some sight seeing.

But, low cost airlines combined with the desire to book it from a 3rd party service for max discount did cost me around 200 Euros. Reason - the Vueling flight from Seville to Barcelona got delayed by more than 14 hours. I mean who would have thought right? If I waited for this flight, I was sure to miss my return flight to Frankfurt.

So there I was at Seville airport, at 5:30 in the morning, wondering what to do next.

I enquired the airline counter for either a flight to Barcelona or direct to Frankfurt or Duesseldorf - but to no avail. Later, I did book a superfast train to Barcelona which left from Seville Santa Justa railway station. The bullet train service - AVE - offered by a company called renfe was the only choice to make. I booked the last ticket and basically got on the train in time. I may sound like I am speaking of this train as if this was the first time I was travelling with this - I indeed was.

I did enjoy the train ride. Find the pics on my insta. I got a solo seat - very spacious, with a business class touch to it. I would say, 200 Euros were well worth the spend. I do not regret the 5 hours spent on this ride.

Since I already lost around 6 hours of my time for this train ride, it did not make sense to explore Barcelona and miss yet another point. However, I did make it a point to be earliest at the airport and do the formalities to avoid any mishaps from my side. The time has just not been on my side now a days.

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