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Cost of intelligence

The cost of intelligence is that, the intelligent people - or those who talk sense - are always ignored. This is also one of the reasons why common sense is rare these days.

People tend to purposefully and CAREFULLY ignore the sensible aspects of things.

What is the reason you may ask? It could be anything. They want to save their seat of power, or they may want to cover the wrong decisions they made in the past. Or they may simply enjoy the circus in the lives of people.

The only question that one can ask in this case is - how to get to the conclusion without hurting the person who is trying to save their ass. I think of a “boss” I had who made sure to not to take my opinion. Privilege is a wrong word, but I had it when things started to heat up in the team. I tried to speak sense in such situations, but I could see all of it going into the black hole.

Well, in the above case I also knew the reason - personal favor. Although if I would have been him, I would have known the real worth of that favor. But people are blinded by so many things.

Any way, good luck trying to talk to the world into some sense. It’s a funny thing.

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