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Not a person for TOP 10s

In the last few months I have written on quite a few commercial topics. There were a couple of topics which began with “Top x …”.

I have to say, although I enjoyed writing on those topics, but it sucks the energy out of me. One of the advantage of writing on such topics is that you get to broaden your knowledge. It is a test of how much are you aware in a particular field.

However, it is not possible to be expert at each and every corner of the field. Being an expert, and being aware are two completely different things. I do not get that satisfaction of having known something until I know it throughly. So When I get to write articles which cover the breadth of something, it make me learn enough to write. I hate to start learning something and then switch to something else.

The blog posts that start with “Top x …”, have their roots in appeasing the mainstream audience. Or to get their attention to say the least. Unfortunately, or unfortunately (haven’t decided on that yet), I am not a mainstream guy. I never was, will never be (probably).

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