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On writing something

I knew I had something for writing since quite a long time. But I did not actively persue it mostly because of the writer’s image associated with it. Over the period of last 12 years, I might have started a few blogs and then scrapped. I remember the very first blog I started was on blogspot.com. It was a craze back then.

Although on one hand I was worried about the “writers” image, on the other hand my curiosity was also piqued by looking at other writers write. Honestly, I never thought writing is something for me.

I do not have any specific training about writing, nor did I attend any classes or watched Youtube videos about how to write. This skill is purely learnt the hard way - by receiving feedback on my articles. I sought all sorts of feedback - from regular readers, from experts in the field, from non-readers. For me, every type of reader provided unique perspectives. I always wanted people to read words scribbled by me and then either fall in love with me or worship me. #lol

I do realise it is not perfect, and I never miss a chance to pick another lesson. But hey, I am at a point in writing where people find it worthy of reading. Check out some of the jewels here.

Today, I value written content a lot more than I used to before. Working in tech field has made me realise the importance of “apt” documentation. A lot does not always mean the best. Written content is not the easiest to consume. It takes time and patiences, but it is the most flexible way.

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