In TIL, Jul 27, 2020

NPM License Checker

NPM License Checker

In TIL, Jul 22, 2020

Software Licensing

Some of you may have cringed reading the title, as I can imagine we as developers don’t really like documentation do we? Forget the licensing, we don’t even care about the documentati...

In TIL, Jul 21, 2020

Deployment Woes

Often where to deploy the given microservice? is a critical question to answer, especially when you are into the architect’s shoes. Deployment matters due to below factors: Access re...

In TIL, Jul 20, 2020

Getting attachments in ServiceNow

One of my friends got in touch with me to ask how do we fetch the attachments from an REST endpoint and store it within ServiceNow? I basically did not have a ready answer to this whi...

In TIL, Jul 17, 2020


Ever imagined a filesystem with Git capabilities? Imagine you are editing some document, and you consciously keep saving the same every 2 mins. In the last one hour you have done 30 s...

In TIL, Jul 16, 2020

Wrote my first unit test using Jest!

So finally, today was the day when I started implementing the unit test cases for the application I have been working on since some time. The development for the application is not ov...

In TIL, Jul 14, 2020