1.5 months/2k kms - RE Himalayan (ABS) review

It has been 1.5 months I have got my hands on new RE Himalayan (ABS) and I have to say, the love for this machine increases with every kilometer I ride on it. There are times, when I actually start to miss riding it, only to realize - oh tomorrow morning I will be taking this to office anyways. Yea office commute doesn’t really count I know, but it satiates the desire till the weekend when I travel to Mumbai from Pune on Friday afternoon and back on Monday early morning. Its a short trip and I have gotten used to the road quite well. Its a bliss to do a bike trip in early morning hours. I cover a distance of 140 kms in 2 hours time without taking a break. Thanks to the comfortable seating and 411 cc engine power that is offered by the bike. Looking forward for the first long road trip (500km+ ?) to happen on this bike. But before that, I am planning on some upgrades. This bike has undergone the first servicing (as per the schedule) and has plenty of time and distance for next one. So before I go on a longer trip I am planning to install few things as below in that order:

  1. Engine crash guard
  2. Mobile Holder
  3. Magnetic tank bag
  4. Mobile Charger
  5. Front left and right empochers
  6. Rear saddle bags
  7. Saddle stays
  8. Extra fog lamps
  9. Knuckle guards

Apart from these there are a lot more options for customizations, but I shall stick to these right now.